I am a storyteller and my process begins with understanding the characters within the context of a narrative. I want to delve in and find the elements of each person that make them come alive and then allow that to dictate and influence the design.

Starting from the character allows for the clothes to tell a story. How someone wears something can be as illuminating as what they are wearing. It means that everything is deliberate: style, color, fit, etc. Through conversations with the director, actors, research and my own internal dialogue I work to create a narrative and emotional space that the character lives in. Building an internal logic allows for consistency and means that it isn’t about what is cool, or even what looks good, but it’s about what is right.

In the truest sense of the word I want my work to be unremarkable. I don’t want audiences to question the reality unfolding onscreen and I want each character to be fully actualized yet subtle. Costume design is an opportunity to communicate emotional and cultural depth, and done well it tells a story worth watching.